The Construction of Floors for Residential Homes

Floors are not always given much consideration during the construction phase of a home. Most builders and home owners have their focus turned to the finished look of each bedroom, bathroom and living areas and sometimes flooring isn’t given a second thought. However, floors are truly one of the most important parts within a residential home as it’s what we all walk on and it’s what actually supports each separate level within a home.

Ground Flooring and Their Function

Every residential home has a ground floor and this can be split into two main types such as suspended and solid ground flooring. They play a crucial role within a home as they are strong and durable enough to hold heavy loads. If you think about it, they can support furniture, people and all sorts at any one given time and that is very impressive to say the least. Their function is to also help keep a building safe from damp and remain a strong force. Solid and suspended flooring can in fact be finished to a high degree of quality and carpeting can be used to cover bare timber or wood.

Upper Floor Functions

Upper floors are built for one main purpose – to support the weight from a ceiling. However, they can also help to support their own weight and help separate two floors. During the construction period, builders are often able to create these in very little time which is astounding really since they’re so strong. Upper floors are extremely important to ensure if a fire breaks out within a home the floors can help reduce the path of the fire and hopefully restrict its movement greatly. Noise too from one level can be reduced and in most cases, the floors are strong enough to support and carry heavy loads. Residential homes with several floors have heavy-duty upper floors that not only stand heavy traffic but keep another level supported.Get support by visiting

Constructing Solid Ground Floors

Construction of FloorsBefore a residential home internal floor can be constructed, the external floor must be laid. Now, usually this will occur after the foundations have been laid and the framework of the house has been attended to. The very base floor of a home consists of a concrete bed and this can be reinforced with a welded mild steel to help strengthen the support of the floor above. This is technically classed as an under-flooring level and helps to keep ground floors safe from damp. Once the concrete bed has been created, the solid ground floor construction can begin and it can be made from solid wood flooring if necessary.

Residential Home Floors Are Very Important

Floors play a very important role within any home and if they aren’t constructed in the proper manner then they can destroy a home. Ground floors are very simple to create and yet most people don’t really understand the whole purpose or function behind them. Without proper construction of floors, a home would not be standing. The construction is simple and very important too.